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Bellefonte - a classic Staunton property


Bellefonte is zoned B1 Conditional - Local Business District, allowing for a variety of uses.
Currently enjoyed as a private residence with home office and studio, other commercial uses are possible within the B1 zoning.

While specific commercial ventures are subject to the conditional use, the City of Staunton Code allows for the following uses in the B-1 local business district, for which prospective buyers can apply to have the conditional zoning expanded.

(1) Living and/or sleeping quarters shall be a permitted use when constructed above the ground and basement floors. No living and/or sleeping quarters shall be permitted in any detached accessory building or structure on the same lot to the rear of any other building.

(2) Auction houses.

(3) Veterinary establishments; provided, that all animals shall be kept inside sound proof air-conditioned buildings.

(4) Banks.

(5) Bakeries employing not more than five persons and when products are sold only at retail on the premises.

(6) Barbershops, beauty parlors, chiropody, massages, or similar personal service shops.

(7) Catering and delicatessen business.

(8) Churches.

(9) Clubs and lodges.

(10) Custom dressmaking, millinery, tailoring or similar retail trades employing not more than five persons on the premises.

(11) Drugstore.

(12) Automobile service establishments including gasoline service stations and automatic car-washing establishments.

(13) Eating and drinking establishments.

(14) Food stores, fruit or vegetable stands.

(15) Funeral homes.

(16) Garden centers, greenhouses, and nurseries.

(17) Laundry and/or cleaning pick-up station, or self-service laundry and dry cleaning.

(18) Milk distribution stations, but not involving any bottling on the premises.

(19) Monument sales.

(20) Motels, motor courts and hotels.

(21) Offices, business or professional only.

(22) Personal or business service establishments.

(23) Pet shops.

(24) Public buildings and ground other than elementary and high schools.

(25) Prefabricated and shell house sales.

(26) Restaurants, tea rooms, drive-in eating stands.

(27) Shops for repair of bicycles, shoes, watches, locks, electrical equipment, or other similar commodities employing not more than five persons on the premises and not involving the conduct of any manufacturing on the premises.

(28) Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to permitted uses not otherwise prohibited in this district which comply with Chapter 18.110 SCC.

(29) No wholesale or jobbing shall be carried on, and no merchandise shall be stored other than that to be sold at retail on the premises; provided, further, that not more than 30 percent of the floor area of any building shall be devoted to reserve stock storage purposes incidental to such primary use.

(30) Open storage uses which shall comply with the following provisions:

(a) All open storage and display of merchandise, material, and equipment shall be screened by adequate ornamental fencing or evergreen planting at the side and rear of the lot on which said open storage or display occurs; provided, however, that screening shall not be required in excess of seven feet in height.

(b) All of the lot used for parking of vehicles, for the storage and display of merchandise, and all driveways used for vehicle ingress and egress shall be constructed and maintained in such a manner that no dust will be produced by continued use.

(c) All servicing of vehicles carried on as an incidental part of the sales operation shall be conducted within a completely enclosed building.

(d) Outdoor lighting, when provided, shall have an arrangement of reflectors and an intensity of lighting which will not interfere with adjacent land uses or the use of adjacent streets, and shall not be of a flashing or intermittent type.

(31) Stores or shops for the conduct of retail business which do not maintain gasoline dispensing services.

(32) Name plate and sign, as regulated in Chapter 18.140 SCC.

(33) Amusement and recreation establishments except open-air drive-in theaters.

(34) Stores for the conduct of retail business which are not gasoline service stations but which do maintain gasoline dispensing services incidental to their primary business provided they meet the requirements of Chapter 18.145 SCC.

(35) Elementary or high schools, public or private. Living or sleeping quarters shall be permitted in the same building with the school use.

(36) Colleges or universities, public or private.

(37) Co-location of telecommunication antenna and related equipment as regulated in SCC 18.185.020(4). (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 8).

More information is available here, on the Staunton city website.


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